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7 Reasons to Buy from Showcase


You Know you are getting premium exhibit products with long-term value when you buy from ShowCase. We research all the display systems in our industry and only carry the highest quality products. Our exhibits meet the high standards our clients demand.

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Tradeshow Tips

chamber tradeshowPre-Show Planning

Understand Why You are Exhibiting

  • gather leads
  • raise organization awareness
  • contact existing clients

Have Your Display Answer 3 Questions

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What benefit do you offer?

Get Noticed
Present coordinated look within your booth space

  • brand booth to your marketing material
  • minimal copy - people do not read displays
  • dynamic photos and graphics
  • show specials
  • include web address

Prepare and Execute Pre-Show Promotion
Let people know abut the Show Special

  • e-mail clients and prospects
  • send out postcards

At the Show

Qualify Leads

  • uncover needs
  • match their needs to your product or service
  • communicate a follow-up plan
  • ask for a business card

Booth Etiquette

  • smile and look interested
  • do not sit down or eat at your booth
  • do not converse with other booth staffers
  • do not leave your booth unattended

Within a week after the show

  • call hot prospects to set up appointments
  • thank all prospects with a call or note

It's Easy to Order

1. CALL: 888-532-1005 to discuss your needs & requirements with one of our experienced exhibit experts who will e-mail you a quote in two hours or less.


2. YOUR ORDER: with your approval of the quote and payment terms, your project goes into production - displays without graphics often ship within 24 hours or less.


3. SHIPPING: When your order ships, we'll e-mail you the FED EX or UPS tracking number. If your display ships to a show site we will also provide you with a confirmation of delivery.